An interview with Shaun’s Driving School

I was lucky enough to bump into Shaun who is the owner operator of Shaun’s Driving School and Superdrive Academy in Andover, Hampshire when I was on my travels around the South of England visiting family. Well I say I was lucky, it wasn’t coincidence, more engineered. I knew I was going to a town called Andover in Hampshire to catch up with friends I’d met when in Greece last year so I decided to turn it into a busman’s holiday and try to catch up with one of the driving schools in Andover. A little bit of work whilst on holiday never hurt anybody right! We was hoping to catch up with Mike at Wanna Drive Well in Swansea but he was unavailable. Mike assured us that he’s not related to THE he could make it next time.

I purposely arrived in Andover a few hours earlier than scheduled to meet up with some friends so I can meet up with Shaun. I met him just outside the council offices in Andover right next to a coffee shop. We were friends on Facebook so I knew what he looked like so there was no problem me awkwardly asking strangers if their name was Shaun. Anyway, we got the coffee’s in and I started to interview Shaun.

I started off by asking him a few basic questions first about the town, things like how many driving instructors in Andover, what is the average price for driving lessons This broke the ice and Shaun was being helpful. He gave me a good insight to the town and competition in the town from other driving instructors.

We got onto talking about networking and do driving schools in Andover have an association and meet up from time to time. He said that only a couple of driving schools in Andover meet up and about once a quarter and have dinner together, which I thought was nice as I know that being a driving instructor can be a lonely job.

My interview with Shaun was going well and I knew I had enough material for my Blog.

I asked Shaun where his passion lies and he said in teaching, he said he sort of came about being a driving instructor by chance really. Shaun told me that he had a teaching background and also loved driving. He said that he felt a very strong pull to put these two skills together, so it made sense for him to amalgamate his two passions and become a driving instructor. I guess this does make sense.

As well as building up his driving school, which ticks over nicely, Shaun told me that he has also built up a local driver training company called Andover Driving Instructor Training Centre. He uses this to train up wanna be driving instructors. He says that this is probably where the business is heading. He explained to me that the town is growing in population and more and more houses are being built bringing in new people. His strategy is to capitalise on the growing population and offer opportunities for people to change to a new career. This was good thinking by Shaun.

Anyway, after a couple of hours I realised that it was time for me to go and meet up with my friends. I thanked Shaun for his time and greeted him farewell and said good luck with everything.

I left with the impression that Andover is an up and coming town with plenty to offer.