Welcome to The Stigs World – Before I start Blogging, I just want to make a few things clear and I get asked this all the time. Am I The Stig? The simple answer to this is “No”. Nor am I related to him or nor have I worked with him. I’ve never even met Jeremy Clarkson off the BBC1 programme Top Gear. Well that show has been axed now anyway. What I do is write honest reviews about driving schools, so for example, you’ll see my my review about driving schools in Rochester is based on DCJ Driver Training – This particular article is about females working within the driving instructor industry and discusses any perils or pit falls. Othe articles drill-down into the way they operate their business amongst other things.

There is one article I want you to look out for that’s coming soon and that is an article about one of the driving schools in Bangor called Evolved Automatic Driving School. This Blog delves into the pro’s and con’s of teaching learners to drive in an automatic vehicle and also using hybrid cars to teach in. Alan from Evolved talks about the future of driving school cars and what he see’s to be what the industry norm is going to be in 20 years time – Alan has a wealth of knowledge and he has a big audience base. He started his first driving school in Llandudno over 30 years ago so certainly knows a thing or two about the driver training industry.

I’ve spent a long time on the road interviewing hundreds of ADI’s. I’ve spoken to driving schools in Hemel Hempstead, driving schools in Blackburn and Driving Schools in Andover who are based right down in the south of England. Basically, I’ve traveled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom looking at the industry and what makes it tick. I’ve got an interesting article coming up soon and that is about one of the other driving instructors in Romford who owns one of the driving schools in Romford called Rob Gould Driver Training. I hope you spend some time reading my Blogs and I hope you enjoy some of them. There’s going to be something here for everyone.