Driving Schools in Romford

A website for one of the driving schools in Romford

A week or so ago, I was approached by one of the driving schools in Romford about building a website for them https://robgoulddrivertraining.co.uk Now, just to give you a little bit of background about myself. In my previous life I used to be a web designer and developer before I made the switch to a driver trainer and instructor. As I like helping people, I naturally said yes. The customer is Rob who is one of the driving instructors in Romford.

Rob already had a website for his business which is called Rob Gould Driver Training but he wasn’t happy with his site and over a seven month period he hadn’t had a single phone call from it. I looked at his website and I wasn’t surprised why!

The website had images that didn’t even belong to him, it had paragraphs upon paragraphs of text which just sounded like marketing spiel. There was nothing on his website that flowed or was attractive – When I landed on the site for the first time I wanted to go asleep. That’s how boring it was.

Now, in general, you have 5 seconds to keep people on your website and that’s it. If they haven’t found what they are looking for within this time then you can probably kiss that potential lead goodbye. Ok, his website was full of text which yep, search engines like text and it had pages that looked to be relevant but you could tell that the person that built the site was not anyway engaged or understood the driving instructor industry.

If you’re going to do a website then you sort of have to have some knowledge about the industry standard methods and techniques for web design. You can see a list of guidelines here which is the website for W3C which is the world wide web consortium website.

Anyway, I completely ripped Rob’s website apart and started from the ground upwards. I gave it a nice new fresh look. I placed good relevant images on their, you know, the sort of ones that shows people passing their driving test. I put prices on their as I’m a firm believer that you should be showing prices – remember my 5 second rule from earlier.

It’s not as if you’re selling hundreds of products, most driving instructors at selling just one product so putting prices on your page is a good idea.

Anyway, within a week Rob had a groovy and cool looking website and had already bagged 2 customers within the first week of his launch.

I’m proud to say that Get Your Own Driving School came out trumps again and has now gained one very happy customer.

Thanks Rob for your custom.