Talking out

This next review is probably one of our best so far. We travelled to Chorley to check out one of the up and coming driving schools in Chorley called Bob Medley School of Motoring and then down to Hemel Hempstead to meet a guy who owns 360 driver training Going by the name of the business, Bob has been a driving instructor for going on 20 years now and his business can be viewed here

I’m glad Bob agreed to meet me as I was already working in the Lancashire area interviewing another driving school there, I won’t mention any names as this is a direct competitor of Bob’s. The job I’d just finished, the driving instructor there claimed to be one of the best driving instructors in Chorley, I was hoping that Bob wouldn’t claim the same!

So, as usual I met Bob who is the owner operator in a coffee shop, it was Starbucks this time instead of my usual Coast which I prefer. The amount of coffee I drink I could have bought a coffee shop. Bob walked in on time and my first impression was that he was looking professional and business like. I stood up and greeted him and ordered us a coffee. I then got my notebook and pencil out and started going through my list of usual questions.

I wanted to gather as much information about his driving school as possible and understand his business goals and his ideas for his business. We had a discussion about how he’s aspired to be a driving instructor in Chorley and how he turned his passion of driving dream into a reality job. He told me how hard his training to qualify as a driving instructor was and what the qualifications was which where set out by the DVSA – These guys are an agency who is employed by the government. I’ve popped a link above so you can have a look at the exam criteria to become a driving instructor.

Bob shown me some advertising material he uses coupled with photos of his car. I must say that I was impressed with the products he shown me, very professional. I could tell that he was a business man and wanted to do things correctly and better than any of his competitors. Bob also told me that he started off teaching only learners but he has now changed this to teaching other driving courses such as motorway and pass plus courses. Ever since he’s put this into his business, he’s found that he’s busier than ever. I told him that’s probably because he’s now reaching out to a bigger audience and would therefore have a larger share of the market.

Due to the demand of his services, he’s recently gone ahead and taken on a franchisee. He said to me that this seemed the most natural choice as his dream is that within 5 years of starting his business he wants 5 cars on the road working for him. The demand is so high in his area for his services that he’s currently looking now to take on another franchisee. So, that will be 2 extra cars on the road and this has been done within one year of deciding to expand. This is pretty good going by my maths.

Bob is smart, but does he hold the title as the best driving instructor in Chorley, we’ll just have to wait and see I guess. I will be touching base with Bob in the future to see how much growth he’s managed to make with his business.