Driving Instructors in Salisbury

Salisbury is a beautiful medieval cathedral city in the southern English county of Wiltshire. It’s just about 9 miles south of the remarkable prehistoric stone circle at Stonehenge, which is placed at the grassland of Salisbury Plain. The city’s ornate 13th-century cathedral has a 123m spire, a fully functional 14th-century clock and an original copy of the Magna Carta (the Great Charter), a key document from 1215 A.D.  This city is remarkably beautiful and has landmark objects that would make you marvel. However, in a ceremonial and ancient city like Salisbury, it is advisable to drive with caution and enjoy the view at the same time without necessarily causing mayhem. In this article, we would be discussing top tips to help you successfully pass your driving lessons in Salisbury and also we would be discussing a bit about driving schools in Salisbury.

More About Superdrive Academy

Superdrive Academy is one that is dedicated and committed to giving quality driving lessons to people who want to learn driving in Salisbury. All of the driving instructors in Salisbury are very professional and all have very high pass rates too. They pride themselves in having the best professional driving instructors in Salisbury and their pass rate is a great reflection of this. If you’re looking for intensive driving courses in Salisbury or just want weekly driving lessons, they can provide you with driving lessons in Salisbury that will suit your convenience. I almost forgot to mention that there is a money back guarantee!!! Well as crazy as it sounds it is true, they would give you payment back on driving lessons in Salisbury should in case you are not happy with the driving lessons.

Top Five Tips To Help You Pass Your Driving Test Quickly

The thing about taking driving classes is that they sometimes take longer than anticipated. That’s a major reason why it’s key for you to find a driving school that gives the best driving lessons. We would be sharing tips on how you can pass your driving test without having to spend donkey years learning how to drive.

Tip 1 – Choose the right instructor for you. Carry out aittle research by asking your friends or family which driving instructor they used and their opinions on a particular driving instructor. Now that’s fairly local to you in Salisbury, so don’t just make a decision on price alone.

Tip 2 – make sure you get value for money. Ensure that you don’t choose one of the driving schools in Salisbury that does “piggybacking”. This is a situation where at the end of your lesson your instructor picks up their next pupil towards the end of your lesson. Remember, it’s your time that your paying for so you want to get your full monies worth.

Tip 3 – Be consistent. The consistent you are at having driving lessons then the quicker you would learn. However, if you leave your driving lessons for weeks apart then you may find that you’ve forgotten some of the information from your previous lessons. Having lessons weekly would make you realise that you’re more than likely to make steady progress. So you could even consider having two lessons per week and therefore halving the amount of time it would take to reach test standard if you were to do just one lesson per week.
Another viable option  for you would be to consider doing two-hour lessons or perhaps even an intensive driving course. An intensive driving course is not for everybody so maybe speaks with your driving instructor first before committing to taking one.

Tip 4 – Get some private practice. Getting private practice is a very good idea but is not always available to everybody. However, if you have the opportunity to go out with your parents or other relatives or even a friend then we recommend this as a good option to help you to reach the driving test standard quicker. Obviously, there are laws to going out driving with somebody other than a driving instructor such as car insurance and no motorway driving so speak with your driving instructor first. They will probably also give you some advice on what and where to practice.

Tip 5 – Study using the right resources. Learning to drive is not just about jumping in a car and making it move, there’s a lot more to driving than this. Like any skill, it can takes time to master and to also  become confident. That’s why we recommend training materials such as books, apps and even videos on YouTube. Obviously, before you can take your driving test you first have to study and pass the theory test.

Our Final Verdict

From our research, we know that the theory tests have a reasonably low pass rate in the UK, however, you can improve your chances vastly of passing the test first time by using the correct resources and materials.

In order to drive safely and not become a liability to other road users, and understanding the rules of the road and the correct driving best practices is important for safe driving, as this will put you in very good stead to help you pass your driving test first time. At Superdrive Academy, they have a lot of resources to help you with all of this and are experts using coaching techniques too.