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Hello, I’m Dev and I’m one of the local independent driving instructors in Hereford. I teach in automatic cars and all of my driving lessons are for automatics. I’m probably one of the few driving schools in Hereford who teach automatic. I went to the latest ADIJNC conference meeting a few weeks ago and here is an article from the meeting. I hope you enjoy it, oh, and thank you for letting me do a guest Blog here.

Just under half of people who viewed the survey completed it, with 568 taking part.  Questions were based around ADIs views on the DVSA Find Your Nearest Facility and its extension, and the possible publishing of individual ADI pass rates.

Just over 73% of respondents thought that DVSA should publish a listing to help members of the public find an ADI.  However, 8.5% of people said they were not aware of the FYN website before being sent the survey, 27.45% said they were not listed, and 6.36% said their details in the listing were not correct. Just over half of respondents say they display commitment to CPD, with the same number being signed up to the Code of Practice.  368 include their telephone number and 317 their email address. Respondents were asked whether they were in favour of Standards Check results being displayed on FYN.  340 (63.67%) were against any listing, 20.6% in favour of the grade only being shown, 13.3% for grade and score and 2.43% score only.  Just over 51% thought that the old grades should not be displayed at all, 28% were happy with the way it appears currently and 21% felt the old grade should appear after the SC grades. ADIs were asked about the number of enquiries they had received from FYN in the last 12 months – the range was from zero to 2, with the mean coming out at 1. 86.41% of respondents were against the publishing of pass rates by DVSA, with 13.59% in favour.  However, with regard to taking badges out of the windscreen when presenting candidates, people were almost evenly divided.  50.28% said they would remove their badge in protest at DVSA publishing pass rates, and 49.72% said they would not support it. Conclusion The value of FYN to the ADI is not currently highly rated, with very few enquiries being received by those listed.  Anecdotally, people say that they receive more junk mail than enquiries as a result of being on the list.  However, it is seen as something that DVSA should be doing to help the public.  It is encouraging to see that over half of respondents listed on FYN are committed to CPD and the Code of Practice. A high proportion of respondents were against SC results being published, and of those that considered results should be listed, only 13% thought that the grade and score should be included.  Again anecdotally, people are questioning why the scores should be published when the DVSA brought in a two tier grading system. The majority of our respondents were strongly against DVSA publishing pass rates, and this is something that ADINJC will need to listen to and support.  However, whilst we are happy to let members know about the action being taken, the question of removing badges from test cannot be supported, as there was no clear mandate from the survey. Interestingly, the percentages were almost identical to a vote taken at our last Association Meeting.  Our members seem quite divided on this issue. This was a suggestion that had been put forward by two of our member groups, Leeds initially and then DISC, who were seeking support in opposing the move towards pass rate publication.  In addition to the survey response, the few member groups that we heard back from were not in favour of supporting the protest action.  One group felt that ADIs would in any case start to remove badges if DVSA were to publish pass rates, without joining the suggested protest.  However, all member groups that communicated were strongly against the publication of pass rates. Other questions that arose from members were –

• What is DVSA trying to achieve by publishing pass rates? • Will DVSA explain the difference between the grades, and if so would the public read it?
• If DVSA isincluding the SC score, what is the point of the grade?
• Will ADIs be able to take a second Standards Check in order to get a higher grade?
• If DVSA is promoting A grades, will it create a demand that cannot be filled?
• Is DVSA trying to compete with ADIs individual websites?

Well, interesting times ahead I think. Thank you for letting me Blog on here.