Driving instructors Hereford

Hello, I’m Dev and I’mĀ one of the localĀ independent driving instructors in Hereford. I teach in automatic cars and all of my driving lessons are for automatics. I’m probably one of the few driving schools in Hereford who teach automatic. I went to the latest ADIJNC conference meeting a few weeks ago and here is an […]

Talking out

This next review is probably one of our best so far. We travelled to Chorley to check out one of the up and coming driving schools in Chorley called Bob Medley School of Motoring and then down to Hemel Hempstead to meet a guy who owns 360 driver training https://360drivertraining.co.uk/. Going by the name of […]

Worksop Driving School

Well, Stigs World has been taking driving schools for a test drive again. This time, Stig hooked up with Andrew Buckler from Worksop Driving School. Before I go on to tell you about my review, I’ve got to say that I though Andrew Buckler from Worksop Driving School has got to be one of the […]