Driver Training Information and Reviews

Welcome to The Stigs World – Before I start Blogging, I just want to make a few things clear and I get asked this all the time. Am I The Stig? The simple answer to this is “No”. Nor am I related to him or nor have I worked with him. I’ve never even met Jeremy Clarkson off the BBC1 programme Top Gear. Well that show has been axed now anyway. What I do is write honest reviews about driving schools, so for example, you’ll see my my review about driving schools in Rochester is based on DCJ Driver Training – This particular article is about females working within the driving instructor industry and discusses any perils or pit falls. Othe articles drill-down into the way they operate their business amongst other things.

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Driving Schools in Romford

A website for one of the driving schools in Romford

A week or so ago, I was approached by one of the driving schools in Romford about building a website for them Now, just to give you a little bit of background about myself. In my previous life I used to be a web designer and developer before I made the switch to a driver trainer and instructor. As I like helping people, I naturally said yes. The customer is Rob who is one of the driving instructors in Romford.

Rob already had a website for his business which is called Rob Gould Driver Training but he wasn’t happy with his site and over a seven month period he hadn’t had a single phone call from it. I looked at his website and I wasn’t surprised why!

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Driving instructors Hereford

Hello, I’m Dev and I’m one of the local independent driving instructors in Hereford. I teach in automatic cars and all of my driving lessons are for automatics. I’m probably one of the few driving schools in Hereford who teach automatic. I went to the latest ADIJNC conference meeting a few weeks ago and here is an article from the meeting. I hope you enjoy it, oh, and thank you for letting me do a guest Blog here.

Just under half of people who viewed the survey completed it, with 568 taking part.  Questions were based around ADIs views on the DVSA Find Your Nearest Facility and its extension, and the possible publishing of individual ADI pass rates.

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Talking out

This next review is probably one of our best so far. We travelled to Chorley to check out one of the up and coming driving schools in Chorley called Bob Medley School of Motoring and then down to Hemel Hempstead to meet a guy who owns 360 driver training Going by the name of the business, Bob has been a driving instructor for going on 20 years now and his business can be viewed here

I’m glad Bob agreed to meet me as I was already working in the Lancashire area interviewing another driving school there, I won’t mention any names as this is a direct competitor of Bob’s. The job I’d just finished, the driving instructor there claimed to be one of the best driving instructors in Chorley, I was hoping that Bob wouldn’t claim the same!

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Worksop Driving School

Well, Stigs World has been taking driving schools for a test drive again. This time, Stig hooked up with Andrew Buckler from Worksop Driving School. Before I go on to tell you about my review, I’ve got to say that I though Andrew Buckler from Worksop Driving School has got to be one of the most ambitious driving instructors in Worksop – I thought I’d just put that out there before I get stuck into my Blog.

Andrew is fairly new to the Driving Instructor industry but this doesn’t mean that he’s the greenest. I met up with Andrew in his local Costa and I ordered a cheese and ham toasty and he ordered himself just a black coffee. I started of asking Andrew about his passion for teaching and he explained to me that his passion for teaching had always been there right from his early teen years. He also told me about his enthusiasm for driving too.

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An interview with Shaun’s Driving School

I was lucky enough to bump into Shaun who is the owner operator of Shaun’s Driving School and Superdrive Academy in Andover, Hampshire when I was on my travels around the South of England visiting family. Well I say I was lucky, it wasn’t coincidence, more engineered. I knew I was going to a town called Andover in Hampshire to catch up with friends I’d met when in Greece last year so I decided to turn it into a busman’s holiday and try to catch up with one of the driving schools in Andover. A little bit of work whilst on holiday never hurt anybody right! We was hoping to catch up with Martyn Cowell at Martyn Cowell Driving School in Andover but he was unavailable. Martyn assured us that he’s not related to THE Simon Cowell.

I purposely arrived in Andover a few hours earlier than scheduled to meet up with some friends so I can meet up with Shaun. I met him just outside the council offices in Andover right next to a coffee shop. We were friends on Facebook so I knew what he looked like so there was no problem me awkwardly asking strangers if their name was Shaun. Anyway, we got the coffee’s in and I started to interview Shaun.

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